• 350 liters of refrigerator, 325 liters of twin product freezers
  • With no frills technology
  • Model D4
Product Introduction
Product Introduction

Aluminum lever handle for easy opening

Automatic flush melting system

Compulsory internal air circulation system (Fendar)

ECO performance for optimal energy consumption

Water Dispenser (with internal water tank)

Compressor inverter with 30 month warranty

LED Touch Control Panel

Quick freezing chamber

Quick freezing and fast cooling modes

Freeze-free refrigerator

Low power LED lighting

Digital intelligent control system

Energy class  A

ice maker and ice storage compartment

Multiple airflow

With the help of the multiple air flow system, cool air is provided at every corner of the refrigerator.

Save more

Never worry about product space to keep your food safe. Our product, with its superb design and maximizing the shelves and drawer space, allows you to store more goods.

Door knob

The innovative and unique Deepwint Handle brings the unobtrusive simplicity to open the door of our product. In fact, it's so simple that even your child can do it. No extra pressure!

Moisture balancing

Humidifying valve has a structure that maintains the moisture content of fruits and vegetables in an extraordinary way and keeps them fresh and for longer.

Water cooler

Enjoy the convenience of using the Depot products. Using the Deepwater Defrost System is the best way to enjoy a glass of cool water.

Multifunctional space

Always keep in mind that product space is said to be inappropriate, but DePoint, by placing a dispenser tank in the door, maximizes the usefulness of the product and you will be able to easily use all of its shelves. use. You can also use the tank's other tank to fit your favorite foods.

The display

Take control of your settings with the attractive Deepwint display. Change the temperature setting or turn on the quick freezing system to accelerate the freezing of your food. You can also use the option to lock the settings to prevent children from accessing the screen settings.

Health filter

The health-care system stage, which brings fresh air at any given moment, eliminating 99.99% of all bacteria. This sanitary filter has an extraordinary ability to clean and eliminate unpleasant smells through the four stages of the filtering system and is very effective in reducing the level of suspended particles, fungi, harmful bacteria, and also unpleasant odors inside the refrigerator.

Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications
Total Capacity 607 Liter
Freezer Capacity 277 Liter
Fridge Capacity 330 Liter
Fridge Width 600 mm
Fridge Depth 630 mm
Fridge Height 1800 mm
Freezer Width 600 mm
Freezer Depth 630 mm
Freezer Height 1800 mm
Fridge Energy Consumption 177 kw
Freezer Energy Consumption 381 kw
Energy Class A
LED Light
Fast Cool
Door Alarm
Child Lock
Easy Acces
Water Dicpencer
Refrigerator specifications
Number of shelves 5
Number of door shelves 4
Number of drawer 2
Refrigerator lamp LED
Has a drawer with temperature and humidity settings
Direction open the door Changeable right hand side
Freezer specifications
Number of shelves 1
Number of door shelves 2
Number of drawer 6
Freezer lamp LED
Direction open the door Changeable right hand side
General specifications
color White, White leather, Silver
The need to connect the tap
sound volume 30 db
Shelf height adjustment
Metal bottle shelf
Weight 75 kg + 78 kg